We started to build our first iPhone application Japanese English Dictionary back in early 2008 just for our own study. However, we were thrilled by the feedback from our customers. Since then, We have started building other iPhone applications including all the other language Dictionaries. Our mission is to build the best user experience applications on the iPhone and Mac OS platform.

The team

About Xinquan

Xinquan Zhu

Xinquan has been enjoying writing applications for the Mac and iOS platform since 2008 when he discovered the Macintosh Operating system. In his spare time, he loves snowboarding, tennis, photography, learning languages and travelling. He has a total of 7 years experience covering business design through development. He has managed the technical side of application deployment using 3rd party libraries and technical tools including boost C++, Svn, Git, Emacs, CasperJS, Javascript, PHP, Sybase, MySQL, Ruby, Objective C, Java, Xcode and Cocoa.

Anthony Cole

Anthony has been developing software for various platforms and environments for over 18 years. Having been frustrated his life in Australia, he fled to Japan to start his new career in Morgan Stanley Tokyo, where he soon figured out a mammoth corporation did not fit his nature. Soon after, he started his own business with his colleague in Morgan Stanley.

About Cole

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