Collins Spanish English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged


This ninth edition of the market-leading Collins Spanish dictionary uses Collins' unique multimillion-word databases of contemporary English and Spanish to offer the user the most complete and accurate picture of real language available today. The biggest Spanish dictionary on the market has now been brought to life on the iPhone & iPad using Cole Zhu Inc's own advanced dictionary engine.

Rich content

Over 315,000 words and references, this is the largest Spanish dictionary on the market. Includes native spoken pronunciation for Spanish and English. Now every word, and the wealth of searchable examples can fit right in your pocket.

Powerful search

The built-in advanced search engine offers you multiple different methods to search through the rich contents. You can switch between searching for the beginnings or endings of words, or search through all of the thousands & thousands of phrases, idioms and examples in the contents with the switch of a button. This is extremely helpful who want to discover more information about how a particular word is used in either language. Additionally, the engine allows you filter all your search results in only English or Spanish.

Super Jump

This dictionary allows you to tap & select any word inside an entry and jump to the definition of the word you select. Moreover, unlike almost any dictionary software on the iPhone, the web or otherwise, our software allows you to select any collection of words and do a search and jump to any relevant examples. A list of matching phrases will be presented so you can find out how a group of words are actually used together in real language.

Tap Conjugation

Anyone who has studied Spanish knows that one of the biggest challenges is mastering all of the verb conjugations. This is why we have created 'Tap Conjugation'. When you look up any verb in the dictionary, an extra conjugation option will be available in the top title index menu, allowing you to find out how to conjugate any verb in the forms you want with just two taps! Of course this function is also available for all English verbs.

Favorites and History

All your search history, including examples will be saved automatically so you browse with ease and revisit any time you want. Additionally, any word or phrase can be bookmarked for later reference.

Universal App

We have released our Spanish dictionary as a universal app, meaning it will recognize which device your on, and run the appropriate version of the app. These aren't iPad exclusive, as these apps still work in the same way on the iPhone/iPod Touch. This means that our customers only need to pay the price of one copy of the software and get it run on their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad natively, and existing customers can download and run the software on their iPad for free! Additionally, our iPad version is not just an iPhone app with a re-sized interface, we have taken significant time to redesign our interface specifically for the iPad.