Japanese Sensei

Build your Japanese vocabulary with the guidance of a Japanese Sensei.

Through structured, graded lessons and fun but challenging quizzes, Japanese learners of all levels can quickly expand their Japanese vocabulary.

Building one's vocabulary is one of the most important and time-consuming aspects of language learning. This is why Japanese Sensei has been structured into small, bite-sized lessons so you can make quick, recognizable progress without feeling overwhelmed. Your progress will be tracked for you as you make your way through the lessons of the application, and will remember where you are in your studies, testing you only on the words you have learned, and even prioritizing words based on how well you have done on them previously.

The translations include English, Korean (한국어) and Chinese (简体中文和繁體中文) and Português. Depending on your native language, you can change the lanuage of the transalation in the settings.

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Customer Reviews

"I have been living in Japan for a number of years now and have been using Japanese language learning software all along and I find this app is excellent! It is worth the money because this makers built a quality product. It is fun to use... Believe it or not... Fun. BTW, customer support is good too. I emailed and got a response within 30 minutes."
This app is so addictive and so useful that I use it everyday.
"This app is amazing! Been using it for several months now and am loving it. One neat feature that I absolutely find brilliant is the way anytime you look up words in the index, they are then automatically added to your review list. This makes my life easier, since I often use this app as a dictionary when using other learning materials/watching Japanese programs/reading, etc, and can easily review the words I looked up with any of the delightful review modules. It works perfectly, really really neat. Gush gush 🙂 Oh, and the interface is surprisingly intuitive, the voices are of top quality, both male and female, and the review games are fun and support the learning module perfectly -I have no complaints whatsoever. "
"Has a very extensive vocabulary set and very convenient lookup system for unknown kanji or words (simply pressing on the character or word and holding for a second brings up the menu for example sentences and meanings, very useful). They really took the time on this one, every sentence, after being pressed upon, has a native speaker actually recite the sentence. This has already helped me improve my vocabulary and kanji recognition. A great little tool for someone like me who is currently not in a class for japanese (taking the summer off) but would like to remain productive and learning on my free time. It helps me with my coworkers as well I work in a japanese restaurant and its nice to have the words always in a sentence format below the actual vocabulary, gives me the context of the word so i dont feel like im second guessing myself too much when talking to the head chef haha (bit of an intimidating guy). Well worth the money, have seen a direct improvement in my speaking ability from this. "

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