Japanese English Dictionary is on sale

Our first iphone application Japanese English Dictionary is avaiable in apple Application Store now.
It is an easy to use Japanese <-> English <-> English dictionary that is fully off line and requires no Internet connection to operate.

It provides a very fast, professional interface to easily find your words and/or related words in both English and Japanese.
You can search for your words using kanji, hiragana, katakana and of course english.
The software also includes the following additional features:
  •     all in one, multi language search bar
  •     super word jump functionality - to jump back and forth between related words (or any listed word) in both languages
  •     saved words list
  •     history function
  •     scrollable search result word list
  •     resizeable, zoomable word description view

Dictionary JE comes with three different data dictionaries,
An English - Japanese Dictionary providing 95443 words,
A Japanese - English Dictionary including 171879 words
And an English - English Dictionary including 87378 words